Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of San Francisco.

The History of Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace is a community of some 800 single-family homes located on the western slope of Twin Peaks and situated in the approximate geographical center of San Francisco. Built in the mid-1950s, it was one of the last, possibly the last, major development of detached single-family homes in the city. The Midtown Terrace Homeowners Association was established by the convenants recorded at the time the development was created.

An extensive and interesting history of the Midtown Terrace, including the prior ownership and use of the land, has been written by Rex Bell, a Midtown Terrace resident. That history (including a number of fascinating photographs) can be found at http://www.outsidelands.org/midtown-terrace.php.

Additional early photographs are in the collection of the San Francisco Public Library at this location: http://sflib1.sfpl.org:82/search~/a?searchtype=X&searcharg=%22Midtown%22+Terrace&x=48&y=11&SORT=D&stype=X

We also have a collection of photographs taken during the construction and early days of Midtown Terrace. These were taken and have been made available to our website by original (and current) homeowners Earl and Connie Martin. Click here to see these pictures.

As additional photographs become available (and necessary permissions are obtained) we hope to add them to this websites photo gallery section.