Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of San Francisco.
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Midtown Terrace Zoning Correction

In 1986, the people of San Francisco adopted a planning ordinance through the passage of proposition M that was intended to assure that planning and zoning actions would, among other things, be done in such a way as to assure that "existing house and neighborhood character be conserved and protected."

Unfortunately, in the case of Midtown Terrace, a serious error was made in zoning our neighborhood that may ultimately destroy the character of this area if it is not corrected. Midtown Terrace is a development of detached residential housing. As a result of a clear zoning mistake, however, we are zoned for row housing like much of the Sunset District. Until recently, construction in our area has respected the actual detached nature of the homes here. However, we are now experiencing a few efforts to ignore the neighborhood charcter and build out to the property lines. Permits have and will be granted for this as long as our zoning is not corrected. This has the potential to lower property values, decrease fire safety, and utterly undermine the charming character of our residences.

A group of your neighbors has set up a Zoning Correction Committee to try to get the city government to obey the Planning Ordinance adopted in 1986 and correct the zoning of Midtown Terrace to conform to its requirements. This committee has the support and endorsement of the Midtown Terrace Home Owners Association, but we will need your support and endorsement also in order to convince the City to make this important zoning correction.

In the coming weeks, you can expect a visit from one of the members of the Zoning Correction Committee to answer any detailed questions you may have and to seek your signature on a petition requesting the correction. (Nonresident owners can download a copy of the petition and return it to MTHOA-zoning,P.O. Box 31097 San Francisco, CA 94131. Click here to download the petition: petition.pdf.)

Meanwhile, however, we urge you to take a look at the above video presentation the Committee has prepared that, in more detail, explains the issue and its importance to all of us. Talk with your neighbors about this and ask them to visit this page and watch the video. We would welcome any questions you may want to submit along with an expression of your support by completing the form below.

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