Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of San Francisco.

Police Incidents in Midtown Terrace

The map and table immediately below this paragraph show the most recent police incident reports during the past 3 calendar months for streets in Midtown Terrace. It is updated daily (but still only shows events through the end of the preceding month). Further down the page is a table which shows incidents in Midtown Terrace starting with 2012. It is less frequently updated so incidents in the upper table may or may not appear in the second table. Both tables are based on information at datasf.org.(Please be aware that homicide incidents are not included in the datasf.org datasets.) The slider at the left of the map can be used to zoom in on Midtown Terrace. Incidents are indicated by the blue dots.

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If there are no recent Midtown Terrace incidents shown at the time you view these tables, consider that a good thing and consider joining a Neighborhood Watch group to keep it that way. If there are recent incidents shown, that is even more reason to consider joining a Neighborhood Watch group. Contact sfsafe.org for more information.

The data source for the table below is the following, augmented in some cases from the data shown in the table at the top of this page:http://apps.sfgov.org/datafiles/view.php?file=Police/sfpd_incident_all_csv.zip. The periodic newsletters from the Park District police commander may include additional information or arrests that is not reflected in these tables.

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