Midtown Terrace

Midtown Terrace, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of San Francisco.

May 2018 Midtown Terrace Garage Sale
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May 2018 Garage Sale
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The May 2018 Community Wide Garage Sale will take place from 9am to 4pm on Saturday, May 19, 2018. The Midtown Terrace Home Owners' Association (MTHOA) will help to publicize this event. If you plan to participate by holding a garage sale at your Midtown Terrace house on this date, please let us know so that we can include you in the website map and other publicity. You can let us know by filling out the box on the right and clicking the submit button.

Please note that the map on our website will not give out the exact addresses but will only indicate the number of houses particdipating on each street (or other sub-area) of Midtown Terrace.

Feel free, if you wish, to publicize your specific address using craiglist or one of the garage sale listing websites such as such as Garage Sale Finder ( http://garagesalefinder.com ). But please also fill out and submit this form so that we can include you in the count of participating houses.

Listing items for sale (optional). If you have already rsvp'd but would also like to list some of the items you are selling on this website, you may do so by completing the form at this page: www.midtownterrace.org/gsalelister.php

Midtown Terrrace Community Wide Garage Sale

Saturday May 19, 2018

9 am to 4 pm