Historic Midtown Terrace Photographs

(reproduced courtesy of Earl Martin)

In the mid to late 1950's, a new development of some 800 homes was being built on the west side of Twin Peaks. Earl and Connie Martin were among the original purchasers of homes in this new Midtown Terrace neighborhood. Earl Martin had the foresight to take a number of photographs documenting the construction of the development. He has graciously agreed to share these historic photographs with our Midtown Terrace website.

The pictures below start with early views of Midtown Terrace from several surrounding vantage points. Then (starting with Picture 13) we look out to some neighboring areas seeing the development of Forest Knolls from the days when it was a largely barren slope of Mt. Sutro (except for a driving range) until it became populated with many houses and an elementary school. Earls pictures also show St. John's Armenian Church under construction and the dedication around 1960 of our Midtown Terrace playground.

A series of pictures (starting with #26) shows how Earl and Connie's home on Knollview took shape frrom bare dirt to a foundation and so forth to its final completion. (The last picture--the only one not from Earl's own collection--shows how the home appears in 2012.)

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View South over M T towards Mt Davidson(Picture #:1)
From Forest Knolls across MT to Twin Peaks(Picture #:2)
Midtown Terrace from Forest Knolls - 1950s(Picture #:3)
From FK - towards Skyview and Cityview(Picture #:4)
Midtown Terrace from Twin Peaks - 1950s(Picture #:6)
View Southwest over MT from near tower(Picture #:7)
East from Panorama and Dellbrook(Picture #:8)
Toward Forest Hills - Flags show model homes(Picture #:9)
Up Oympia from site of future St. John's church(Picture #:11)
Up Olympia To Twin Peaks(Picture #:12)
Forest Knolls - no houses(Picture #:13)
Forest Knolls - Few Houses / Driving Range(Picture #:14)
Driving Range, Forest Knolls, no school(Picture #:16)
Clarendon School Under Construction(Picture #:17)
Up Clarendon - Golf Range Entrance(Picture #:18)
M T Playground Dedication(Picture #:19)
View across Golden Gate to Marin from MT(Picture #:21)
Ocean View From Knolliview(Picture #:22)
View East across Panorama(Picture #:23)
From Knollview across Laguna Honda to ocean(Picture #:24)
Gladeview and Knollview under construction - shell(Picture #:26)
Down Panorama just North of Gladeview(Picture #:27)
Martin Home - Foundation(Picture #:28)
Basement framed - Earl and Connie(Picture #:29)
Martin House on Knollview - building 2nd level(Picture #:31)
Knollview under construction(Picture #:32)
Martins' home almost finished(Picture #:33)
Down Knollview from Earl and Connie's - 50(Picture #:34)
Connie in back yard of new home.(Picture #:36)
Martin House on Knollview - Complete(Picture #:37)
Martin home in 2012
(Picture #:38)